Seasonal Procedures
Fall and Winter
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Snow Removal Policies and Procedures

Snow will be removed from the streets beginning at one-inch accumulation and will continue throughout the snowfall to keep the roadways as clear as possible. The streets will be considered a snow route and it is required that all vehicles be removed from the streets as the snow effort begins. Vehicles allowed to remain on the street will be plowed in.

Snow removal of the townhome driveways and sidewalks begins at a two–inch accumulation. Please assist the snow removal efforts by moving vehicles into garages when possible. If drifting due to high winds occurs, contact the Property Manager to advise the snow removal contractor.

Securing Your Home During the Fall and Winter
  • Have your furnace checked and cleaned (change filter).
  • Check furnace and hot water heater vent pipes and drain sediment from hot water heater.
  • Install carbon monoxide detector if you do not have one. Change battery if necessary.
  • Check clothes dryer vents and clean.
  • Check battery in back–up sump pump.

  • Avoid shingle and roof damage by having gutters cleaned of leaves and debris to promote proper drainage.
  • Have chimneys and fireplaces cleaned.
  • Disconnect water hoses from outside spigots and drain and store hoses.
  • Safeguard your outdoor decor from unintentional damage during snow removal efforts.  Protect these elements by storing them, or moving them away from close proximity to sidewalks and driveways before snow removal begins.
  • Cover or remove patio furniture to protect against winter damage.
  • Winterize in–ground sprinkler system.
  • Check windows and doors for caulking and deteriorating weather stripping to save on heating costs.

  • Check attic vents to be sure they are free of bird nests or other obstructions.
  • Check attic insulation to be sure that it is evenly distributed.

Leaving for the winter?
  1. Contact the Property Manager to be sure your emergency contact name and phone number is up–to–date.
  2. Winterize home or townhome:
    —Set heat level to no less than 55 degrees.
    —Leave your sink and vanity cabinet doors open to allow warm air flow to the water pipes.
  3. Stop all delivery of mail and newspapers.