Painting Procedures
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Exterior painting of the townhomes⁄patio homes is contracted by the Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association. The homeowner shall pay a proportionate share of the painting with his monthly assessment payment as determined each year in the Painting Budget and published to the townhome⁄patio home resident.

It shall be the homeowner’s responsibility to paint decks, gazebos, and ancillary structures. They should be painted in keeping with the assigned trim colors of each particular townhome⁄patio home unit. There are currently four custom trim colors that are being used on the townhomes⁄patio homes in Crystal Tree. These four custom colors may be obtained at Sherwin Williams Co., located at 14347 Bell Rd., Homer Glen, IL.  The four custom colors will be referenced at Sherwin–Williams, at this location, as:
  • Crystal Tree – Graywood
  • Crystal Tree – Navajo White
  • Crystal Tree – Spanish Moss
  • Crystal Tree – Richmond Bisque
Note:  To assure correct paint color, it is recommended that the Homeowner or your Painting Contractor color–match the existing townhome trim color.

Procedures prior to painting of townhomes/patio homes:
  • The Property Manager, Schrank & Associates, Inc., will send a written notification, approximately 6 to 8 weeks, prior to the start of the Painting Season to townhome⁄patio home homeowners that their unit will be painted this season.  This advance notification allows the homeowner the time to make repairs before painting commences.  The typical Painting Season begins mid–April and ends late–September, weather permitting.  To view the Painting Schedule, click here.
  • Maintenance issues, repairs, and replacements, such as windows, siding, and wood replacement and caulking are the homeowners’ responsibility.  Homeowners can have these repairs or replacements performed by whomever they choose.
    Note:  All exterior improvements require written approval from the Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association before proceeding.  Refer to the Crystal Tree Architectural Guidelines.  To view the Architectural Guidelines, click here.
  • The Painting Contractor will inform the homeowner, using a door knob hanger, 1 week prior to commencing with power washing, in preparation for painting.  The door knob hanger will also give start dates for painting.  Dates may change depending on weather conditions.  Power washing areas of the building exterior, that may be rotted, is at the discretion of the Painting Contractor.
  • It is the homeowners’ responsibility to ready the unit for painting, by moving patio furniture away from the building, removing vines from siding and trim, removing storm windows, etc.
  • The courtesy, previously performed by the Painting Contractor, of informing the homeowner of maintenance issues and repairs prior to painting, will no longer be performed.  This is now the homeowners’ responsibility.

Procedures after painting of townhomes⁄patio homes:
  • An independent contractor will perform a visual observation of the exterior painting of the units before the end of the season.  Any painting deficiencies will be identified at this time and the painting contractor will be notified to correct them, if necessary.