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Attention Crystal Tree Homeowners…
Are you planning a Wedding, Family Celebration, Special Occasion, and are you in search of a perfectly beautiful setting to accommodate your very special day?  The Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club has extended their warmest welcome to our community, in the use of their various banquet opportunities, to compliment your perfectly planned day.  For further information, click here.

man planning changes Planning any Exterior Improvements for Your Home?
Click here to be sure you are following the required architectural procedures before you begin your project.

Coyote Awareness…
We continue to have coyote sightings within our community.  Be sure to follow safe procedures for your pets and remember that people can adversely affect the harmonious co–existence with coyotes by feeding them (even if unintentionally).  For further information on this subject, click here.

LaGrange Road Widening Project…
For detailed information and current updates, click here.

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Neighborly Matters
  • do report any street light outages on your block to our Property Manager.  Your help in keeping our community safely lit is greatly appreciated.

  • do remember that written approval from the Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association is required prior to proceeding with any exterior improvements.  For your protection, please do not place a down payment with any contractor prior to completing the approval process and receiving a written approval.

  • dogdo walk your pet on a leash within common area property only, while keeping in mind that immediate clean-up is mandatory and greatly appreciated. Please respect private property.

  • do make sure that your transponders are working properly when entering the front gate. If they are malfunctioning, contact our Property Manager immediately to obtain a replacement.

  • don’t park your vehicles overnight on the streets of Crystal Tree.

  • don’t place your garbage cans curbside before sunset on the day prior to scheduled pick up. Please be a considerate neighbor to our residents, their guests, and our Sunday sidewalk strollers by keeping our curbside aesthetically pleasing the day before garbage pickup.

  • garbagedon’t cast your garbage to the wind on stormy days. Please take the time to secure all trash and recycle containers.

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