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Please Don’t Give Yourself A Headache!
Make sure that you follow the proper protocol…
It is the obligation of your Board of Directors to follow the written Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and By–Laws of our Association, and it is clearly written that all exterior improvements must conform to specific guidelines and have the approval of the Crystal Tree Board of Directors.  The approval process is there, not only to make sure you are in compliance with these guidelines, but also to protect the homeowner’s investment and our entire community in these ways:
  • Assures that the Contractor is aware of his responsibilities and performs within the Architectural Guidelines.
  • Assures that the Contractor is operating with the appropriate insurance to protect the homeowner as well as the Association.
  • Assures that the homeowner is in compliance with the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and By–Laws when making all improvements so there won’t be any delays in the refinance or sale of your townhome or single family home.   (Click here to see further information regarding this issue.)
  • Protects the property values within our community by assuring that only approved, quality materials are being used in property improvements.
Please be sure that you follow the proper protocol before making any exterior changes to your home.  All residents must apply for an Approval from the Architectural Committee⁄Landscape Committee and receive a formal Letter of Approval before proceeding with any repairs or improvements.  (Note: For your protection, do not give a Contractor a down payment, or allow them to begin work, before receiving a formal, written Letter of Approval from the Architectural Committee⁄Landscape Committee.  In addition, be sure to keep this Letter of Approval for your permanent records.)

The Board of Directors does not enjoy complicating our neighbor’s lives, but our homeowners must realize that the repercussions of choosing not to follow the Approval Process can end up being very costly to them when they find they must correct their violation and come into compliance with approved architectural guidelines.

We have tried to make the Approval Process as simple as possible by providing the appropriate forms needed on our website.  If you have a printer, these forms are readily accessible.  (If you don’t have a printer, forms are also available through our Property Manager.)  In addition, there is a helpful list of contractors, if you don’t know where to start when researching for your project.

As always, the Board of Directors wishes you success with your improvement projects.  If you have any further questions, please contact our Property Manager.