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Wile Coyote
Seen a Coyote Lately?
We’ve been hearing of coyote sightings within our community.  Noticing the increasing coyote population is just a part of the natural co–existence between wildlife and people sharing the great outdoors, but are you aware of some general, common sense safety rules when living in harmony with them?
  • Wile CoyoteOne of the most important rules to keep in mind is not to feed or attempt to feed these wild creatures.  This only will serve to decrease their natural fear of people, causing them to be attracted to our home boundaries, thus encouraging close encounters and increasing the risk to children, pets and adults.  Even unintentional feeding, such as leaving garbage cans unsecured, keeping untidy bird feeders that attract small rodents, and leaving pet food outdoors can serve to attract the appetite of these opportunistic feeders.
  • Though we already have specific rules for pets in our community, it is important to again remind everyone of the following:  For your pet’s safety, always walk them on leash and be sure that pets are never left loose or unattended for even short periods of time.  (FYI: Small dogs and cats can be especially vulnerable.)
Being aware is important, but let us not overlook some positive attributes of these interesting creatures. They help to control the rodent population and the Canadian geese population (as goose eggs are a natural food source for their diet).  If you would like to learn more, click here.