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Spring⁄Summer Updates: Projects Planned for 2017

Spring is always a welcomed season, and we are anxious to begin the continuation of the projects planned to improve our community. Here is a summary of projects that are scheduled for 2017:
LED Street Lighting
We have received the balance of the new LED street lights.  Within the next two weeks, installation of the new LED lights will be completed throughout the subdivision, weather permitting.  The projected lifespan of these LED lights is just over 22 years, with an expected energy savings of $77,500.00 over this period of time, at today’s electrical rate.
Pond Maintenance Program:
  • Phase III Upper Pond between Golf Road and Hollow Tree Road –
    In a continued effort to control pond bank erosion, we will be installing an erosion mat and placement of 12” – 18” boulders around the entire shoreline, except where water plants are growing at the pond bank.
  • McCloud Aquatic will be maintaining and treating the ponds for algae and other invasive plant life.  Site visits will be every two weeks over the spring and summer months.
  • Clarence Davids will be doing weed control, shore line cutting and clean up four times over the spring and summer.
Storm Sewer Maintenance Program
Inspection of all storm sewer basins and lines will begin in early spring.  A follow–up of any necessary repairs will then be scheduled and completed.  This is a yearly maintenance program that long term will prove a substantial savings to the Association in years to come.
Common Area Landscape Improvements
This spring we will be continuing to remove dying Austrian Pines infested with the Zimmerman Pine Moth and replacing them with a hardier, indigenous species.  There are also several other landscape projects scheduled throughout the subdivision, such as removing older, dying plants and shrubs and replacing them with new plant materials.
Sidewalk and Curb Replacement
We will be continuing our sidewalk and curb replacement Program.  This is an effort to improve our aging infrastructure and to maintain an aesthetically–pleasing and pedestrian–safe condition.
Asphalt Walking Path
This path location is east of Morningside Road, along the eastern property line of Crystal Tree.  This is the only walking path owned and maintained by the CTHOA.  The repair and resurfacing of the walking path is scheduled for this year.
As always, the CTHOA Board of Directors is concerned with the ongoing proper maintenance and durability of our infrastructure.  By following established programs for maintenance, repairs, and replacements, we are approaching the future with a plan for long-term cost savings, while preserving the beauty of Crystal Tree.

Thank you in advance for your patience during these times of renovations and improvements.
Dan O’Gorman
CTHOA Site Maintenance Superintendent
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Projects Planned for 2017 | Post–Painting Inspections | Goose Control
Important Topics from the Property Manager