Spring & Summer Newsletter 2018
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Projects Planned for 2018 | Spring Painting | Let’s Talk About Dogs
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CTHOA: Projects Planned for 2018

Welcome, Spring!  The long, cold winter we have experienced is now in our rear–view mirror, and with the expectation of warmer spring temperatures we are motivated to get down to business and begin our spring projects that we have planned to restore, improve and enhance our wonderful community.
Common Area Landscape Improvements
We will be upgrading planting beds by the addition of new plant material for cul–de–sacs at the following locations — Morningside Road, 2 on Misty Hill Road, Timberline Court, and Valley Court.  There also will be replacements of parkway trees that have dyed or are dying.
CTHOA Pond Improvements
  • Sliver Pond (located between Golf Road and Lake Ridge Road)
    Pond bank stabilization will be performed by installing an erosion mat and placing 12"–18" boulders around the entire shoreline, except where there have been plantings installed.
  • Lake Ridge Pond
    Install 12"–18" boulders along the east end of the pond bank edge, between the existing boulders.
Storm Sewer Maintenance Program
Inspection of all storm sewer basins and lines will begin in early spring.  A follow–up of any necessary replacements and/or repairs will then be completed.  Continuation of this yearly maintenance program will be a substantial savings to the Association in years to come.
Sidewalk and Curb Replacement
As we have done in previous years, we will be continuing our Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program this spring.  Since 2006, the Association has replaced 65% of the sidewalks.  There will also be curb replacements in areas where needed.  This will continue to be an ongoing project.
Gatehouse Architectural Updates
After 30 years, it is time to install new architectural roof shingles, gutters, and downspouts.  Keeping the Gatehouse up to "Crystal Tree Standards" adds to our front entrance that greets our residents and invited guests each day.
Common Area Landscape Improvements
  • The timber structural retaining wall that parallels a portion of the Morningside walking path is failing and requires immediate attention.  A new structural retaining wall will be constructed, using Uni–Lock Pisa Block, which will have a much longer lifespan than timbers.  Uni–Lock provides a Lifetime Warranty.
  • The existing brick paver walks, by the Lake Ridge Gazebo, will be removed and reinstalled to remove the existing unevenness and gaps.
As always, the Board of Directors is concerned with the proper maintenance and durability of our infrastructure.  By following our established Maintenance Programs for repairs and replacements we are approaching the future with a plan for long–term cost savings, while preserving the beauty of Crystal Tree.

Thank you in advance for your patience during these times of renovations and improvements.
Dan O’Gorman
Site Management, CTHOA
Schrank & Associates, Inc.
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Projects Planned for 2018 | Spring Painting | Let’s Talk About Dogs
Important Topic from the Property Manager
Architectural Approval Requirements