Spring & Summer Newsletter 2020
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Projects Planned for 2020 | Proper Gatehouse Procedures
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Spring⁄Summer Updates: Projects Planned for 2020

WELCOME SPRING!  As we look forward to this season of renewal and the warmer temperatures ahead, we are anxious to begin our new projects that we’ve planned to restore, improve and enhance our beautiful Crystal Tree Community.
Street Sealing
To summarize…  Since the inception of Crystal Tree in 1988, we have had to resurface our streets two times in the last thirty–two years…the last time being 12 years ago.  At that time, the engineers stipulated that we would not be able to do another street resurfacing, but would have to do a total street reconstruction.  The projected year for total street reconstruction is 2024.

With this in mind, to enable setting aside enough funds in our Street Reserve for a total street reconstruction, we initiated a Street Sealing Maintenance Program to extend the life of our streets from 10 years to 16 years.  We are using a high–performance asphalt preservation sealer to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the asphalt, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance and extending the life of our streets.  Street sealing is recommended every five years for preservation.  We are planning on sealing our streets this spring⁄summer season.  The scheduling of this sealing process is highly dependent on weather conditions for proper application and curing.  Keeping this in mind, we will be informing our homeowners of this project as we approach a scheduled start date, with Mother Nature’s cooperation.
Common Area Landscape Replacements
This spring we will begin removing several Pine Trees, Crab Apple Trees, and parkway Pear Trees in our common areas that are dying due to the infestation of the Zimmerman Pine Moth or due to the reaching of the end of their life expectancy.  The replacement of Pine Trees will be of a hardier, indigenous species.  Also, we will be removing and replacing older, common area plants, flowers and evergreens, within established planting beds.
Storm Sewer Maintenance Program
Each early spring, we begin inspection of all storm sewer basins and lines.  A follow–up of any necessary repairs is then completed.  This year we will be removing and replacing 4 storm sewer structures and 1 flared storm sewer end section.
Continuation of Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program
In keeping with what we have done in previous years, we will be continuing our Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program this spring.  The scheduled Sidewalk & Curb Replacements for last year were not performed so as to not conflict with the Village of Orland Park’s Water Main Relining Project.   The original installation of our Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program has enabled us to work toward replacing our original, aging sidewalks for pedestrian safety, using a superior, higher–strength product that is reinforced to better withstand tree root growth.  To date, we have replaced 65% of our original sidewalks in Crystal Tree.

As in the past, your current Board of Directors has prioritized the proper maintenance and the future durability of our infrastructure.  As we continue to follow the programs that have been established for maintenance, repairs and replacement, we not only approach the future with a proven plan for long–term cost savings, but we also continue to preserve the beauty of our community.

Thank you in advance for your patience during these planned renovations and improvements.

Dan O’Gorman
Site Maintenance Supervisor
Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association

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Projects Planned for 2020 | Proper Gatehouse Procedures
Maintenance of Driveways | Architectural Approval Requirements
Homeowner’s Insurance Requirements | Summer Neighborhood Event