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As the Spring/Summer Seasons Approach…
Let’s Talk About Dogs, Dog Walkers, Working Dogs & Coyote Awareness

There is no denying that dogs are great companions, and as our pets, they fill a very important place in our families and in our homes.  As responsible dog owners, it is our job to make sure that they are seen as a welcome addition to our neighborhood, as well.  As a dog owner myself, I’ve always enjoyed seeing our neighbors walking with their "best friend" at their side, but it comes as no surprise that there are two sides to this dog–walking issue.

Sadly, the approaching sight of some of our well–behaved dogs and considerate dog owners may be unfairly characterized and negatively anticipated, due to a handful of residents who may be unaware of the proper dog walking etiquette that is required within our community.  Let’s hope that no one would be intentionally abusing these privileges.– I hope we can all understand the frustration of having to put up with the repeated irritation when dog owners do not act in a responsible manner.  It is clear that this is a dog owner problem and not a dog problem, so to be sure that we dog owners are on the same page, I would like to review the proper dog walking etiquette within our community:
  • All pets must be walked on a leash.
  • All pets must be walked within common areas of our subdivision only.
  • Clean–up is to be done immediately and is mandatory.  (Take along those clean–up bags.)
  • Private property must be respected.
Dog walkers should also be aware of what are considered as common areas.  Some common areas are fairly obvious, but when walking on the sidewalks around the townhomes, the only common area is the small grassy space between the street curb and the sidewalk, not the grassy area between the sidewalk and the townhomes.  Dogs should not go "unleashed" when their owners are visiting, or fishing, at the common areas around HOA ponds.  Also, many dog owners have been incorrectly assuming that the larger, grassy areas around certain townhomes are common areas (such as the townhomes with larger corner lots).  This is also private property belonging to the homeowner and should not be used by dog walkers.  The misuse of private property as common area, clean-up issues, and leash issues have been the subjects of most of the complaints that have been received.
Some dog walkers have been infringing on the private property space around townhomes and single–family homes to relieve their dogs, and this infringement has been going on for some time.  It is only natural for a dog to be tempted to the scents left by other dogs, so it is up to us, as responsible dog owners, to redirect our dogs to the correct areas and praise them for the correct behavior.
As we walk our dogs, let’s all observe the leash law of our community.  The leash law is also required throughout the Village of Orland Park.  Leash law observance is important, as it keeps the dog walker in control of unforeseen issues that may occur.  Let’s also be respectful of our neighbor’s property and aware of the clean–up requirements.  This will serve to promote a neighborly atmosphere, and at the same time we will be preserving the good reputation of our loyal companions.
About those "working dogs" in our community…
Wild Goose Chase will be working to reduce our goose population again this year, using their highly–trained, orange–vested Border Collies, to accomplish this needed task.  Our homeowners can also be helpful by calling Wild Goose Chase phone: 708–529–3858 to inform them of the location of any geese nesting or populating around or near their property.  Once again, we are asking our homeowners to be alert to these working dogs this season.  If you are a dog owner, please keep an extra eye out for this activity.  We greatly appreciate your help in keeping your dog from chasing or harassing these Border Collies and their handlers while they are performing this very important job for our community.
One other thing to mention…please be aware of the coyote sightings in our community.
Please be pro–active to protect your dog from approach by these natural predators.  Another reason to always walk your dog on a leash, and to be aware that those "invisible fences" may work to keep a dog from leaving their yard, but sadly will not protect them from being snatched or confronted by a coyote.  Please, for your sake and the sake of your "best friend", do not leave your dog unattended or tied outside for even a short period of time.  Coyote activity is mostly from dusk until dawn, but they have been sighted during daylight hours as well.  For more information on coyotes, see the "Coyote Awareness" headline posted on our website.
Dan O’Gorman
Crystal Tree Site Management
Schrank & Associates, Inc.
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Projects Planned for 2018 | Spring Painting | Let’s Talk About Dogs
Important Topic from the Property Manager
Architectural Approval Requirements